About Us

Born in 1997 in the southwest of the United States, my art is heavily inspired by the rich and vibrant colors which I grew up around. As a young queer artist, my main focus in my art is to portray a version of our world that is soft and gentle. My passion lies with presenting truths and realities that are more than realistic, but aren't often seen enough: such as fellow LGBT+ folks being in love, and being loved. I am always doing my best to extend, to diversify my art as much as possible.

Currently, I am developing the story and art for an original graphic novel titled Pink Sugar. My artwork can also be found in a small number of various books, such as Katy Swalwell's Amazing Iowa Women, and Amazing Iowa Athletes on the shelves of RAYGUN in Des Moines, Iowa. I have a few conventions and art shows under my belt, including O! Comic Con, Oz Con, Galaxy Con, Anime Iowa, MCBA Comic Con, Market Day Iowa, and many more.
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I am available for contract and commission. If you think you'd like to hire me for illustration work, long-term or short-term, I can be easily contacted via email, at alex@dulceskull.com.